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Look out, Ms. Frizzle!Ralphie called.There's another giant rock ahead!




Don't worry, Rallphie,Ms. Frizzle said,I'm getting the hang of this now.The bus dodged the giant asteroid and slipped between two smaller ones.




Uh-oh,Ms. Frizzle said. The rocket controls are not respoding. I can't shut the rockets off or turn the bus around.




I'm not surprised,Keesha said. Nothing is going right on thus trip




The space-bus left the asteroid belt and headed farther into space.




Ms. Frizzle tried to cheer us up. I'm sure we'll be able to figure out how to fix the rockets. In the meantime, we're on the course for Jupiter, the bigger planet in our solar system. I've always wanted to visit the outer planets.




The outer planets are the planets in our solar system that are farthest from the sun-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.




According to the distance gauge on the istrument panel, we were more than three hundred million miles from Earth.




That means we're more than four hundred million miles from the sun,Ms. Frizzle said. There's not much heat or light this far out. The controls could be frozen. I'll have to go into the engine room and check them out.She grabbed a flashlight and headed for the tunnel at the back of the bus that led to the engine room.




We all look at one another. What's going to happen if Ms. Frizzle can't fix the rockets?Keesha asked.




I don't think about it,said Ralphie.




Arnold pointed his finger at me. This is all your fault, Carlos.he said,We're in this mess bacause of that robot thing you brought along.




Go easy on Carlos,Tim said. It was my fault that Rocco blasted off the moon.




Stop arguing!Phoebe begged. I'm sure Ms. Frizzle will take care of everything.




Hey, look!D.A. called. There's Jupiter! I can see the Great Red Spot.


「嘿,看!D.A.叫著:「那是木星! 我可以看到大紅斑。」


We forgot the rocket trouble as we crowded around the windows to see Jupiter. It was an amazing sight, with gray, brown, blue, and orange stripes all around it.




Those stripes arereally clouds of gas. The gas is always swirling around because the planet spins so fast,Tim explained. He had done his report on Jupiter. Jupiter makes one full rotation every ten hours-more than twice as fast as Earth so its days are really short. And Jupiter is windy, too. The Great Red Spot is actually a huge, rag ing storm. It's as big as three Earths side by side.




Every thing about Jupiter is supersized,he went on. It weighs as much as 318 Earths! It has sixteen moons-four of them are larger than planets. But they're moons bacause they orbit Jupiter, not the sun.




More than 1300 Earth could fit inside Jupiter. It has tremendous gravity. If you stood on Jupiter, you would weigh 2½ times more than on Earth.




But you couldn't stand on Jupiter any more than you couldstand on a cloud-the surface is all gas (mostly hydrogen). And it's deadly cold, more than minus 227 . You could even get struck by lightning from Jupiter's clouds. The lightning bolts a 10000 times more powerful than on Earth.




Well, we're all going to be in surprised trouble if Ms. Frizzle doesn't get the rockets fixed fast,Arnold said. We're passing Jupiter and going even farther into space.




Just then Ms. Frizzle came out of the tunnel. She gave us the bad news. The heating coils that warm the rocket controls are out,She reported. It looks like one of the main heat Valves is frozen shut.


Frizzle小姐才出隧道,就帶給我們一個壞消息。 「火箭操控的熱線盤跑到外面了。」他報告著:「它看似其中一個活塞被冰堵住了。」


Keesha shook her head. We'll in for it now,she said. If we can't tirn around, the space-bus will keep on going, out past Uranus and Neptun and Pluto…out of the solar system. Oh dear, oh dear…oh dear.




Not to worry, Keesha,Ms. Frizzle said. We'll just have to open the valve by hand. There must be a tool we can use around here somewhere.She pulled out a large equipment locker and we all started searching through it.




In the meantime, the bus was hurtling through space. We stopped the search to take a look at the planet Saturn.




Saturn is like a queen with ringsand moon jewels-more rings and moons than any other planet. The rings are made of bits and chunks of rock and ice-some as tiny as grains of sand and some as big as a kouse.




“Saturn is really big,” Arnold said.




“It's the second-largest planet,”Phoebe told him. She was excited. This was her planet.




“Next to Earth, I think Saturn is the most beautiful planet in the System,”she said. “Look at those rings that go around the planet- there are thousands of them.”




We watched as Saturn and its biggest moon, called Titan, grew farther and farther away. Even Tim was getting worried now. (Even me getting worried now.) In space, there is so air to cause friction to stop a moving object.if we didn't get the rockets working; we'd fly out of our solar system into deep space. We'd keep going forever avd ever.

We'd be lost in space.


我們看到土星和它最大的衛星,叫做泰坦,距離更遠。Tim現在變的擔心。(我現在變的擔心。) 在太空,那裡沒有空氣去引起摩擦,而使東西停止移動。當我們不能讓火箭運作,我們將飛出太陽系進入更深的太空,我們將永遠保持前進,我們將消失在太空!


“Hooray!” Ms. Frizzle yelled. She pulled a wrench out of the equipment box. “I'll have that fuel valve opened before you can say‘Frizolar system’”




While Ms. Frizzle was in the engine room, we came upon another planet surrounded by rings. It was a beautiful blue-green color, but there was something really weird about it.




Hey, that's my planet-Uranus!Wanda exclaimed.See how it looks like it's on its side?she said.All the other planets are tilted slightly as they orbit the sun, but Uranus leans way over. It sure looks to topsy-turry.




You'd be topsy-turvy, too, if you were stuck this far out in space,I told Wanda.We're more than one and a half billion miles from home!


「當你停留在這個距離外,你應該也是顛倒的。」我告訴Wanda:「我們離家超過 十五億英哩 。」


The bus seemed to be going faster and faster. Ww zipped past Uranus and onward toward Neptune. Where was Ms. Frizzle.




Even though we had the jitters, we couldn't help oohing and aahing as we passed the icy blue Neptune.




Hey,Ralphie said,it's my planet. It looks just like a marble.




Then we were all surpriser to find out that Pluto, the smallest planet in the solar system, isn't always the farthest planet from the sun.




At last Ms. Frizzle came out of the engine room. “It looks like I'm going to need some help with that valve,” she said. “Carlos, come a long with me. You're good at fixing things.”




I started to follow Ms. Frizzle into the tunnel. Then I heard something behind me. “Yip, yip, yip.”Rocco was right on my heels.


我跟著Frizzle小姐進入隧道,然後,我聽到有東西跟在我後面。「Yip, yip, yip。」Rocco在我腳跟上。


“I think he wants to come, too,”I said. I picked him up and clawed into the tunnel after the friz.



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