Ouce upon a time , there were three cuddly little wolves with soft fur and fluffy tails who lived with their mother. The first was black , the second was gray ,and the third was white.




One day the mother calles the three little wolves around her and said,My children, it is time for you to go out into the world. Go and build a house for yourselves. But beware of the big bad pig.




Don't worry, Mother, we will watch out for him,said the three little wolves, and they set off.




Please, will you give us some of your bricks?asked the three little wolves.




Certainly,said the kangaroo, and she gave then lots of red and yellow bricks.




So the three little wolves built themselves a house of bricks.




The very next day the big bad pig came prowling down the road and saw the house of bricks that the little wolves had built.



The three little wolves were playing croguet in the garden.




When they saw the big bad pig coming they ran inside the house and locked the door.




Then I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!said the pig.




So he huffed and he puffed and he puffed and he huffed, but the house didn't fall down.




But the pig wasn't called big and bad for nothing.




He went and fetched his sledgehammer, and he knocked the house down.




The three little wolves only just managed to escape before the bricks crumbled, and they were very frightebed indeed.






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